The Best Personal Development Book You Can Read

H.K. Holland
4 min readJun 10, 2021

The Bible tops them all

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

Of late, I have been struggling with something. Like most users of Medium, I am a voracious reader.

The number of books I have read comes to about 400. Yeah, I keep count, and I write them down. At one point, I wanted to write notes and share them here, just like Derek Sivers and James Clear do on their websites.

But I gave up on the project because I have seen other people do a better job than I could. Even some people here. Every Medium user knows Tim Denning. He seems to have the hugest body of work on this platform. But I see he sometimes does something like that. He reads a book, and he tells you about it.

The thing about books is that they are the envelopes of the soul. When you read a book, you absorb the life of the person who wrote it. Yes, people put their lives in books. Now, when you read many, you absorb many lives.

Reading all those 400 books kind of made me to stop reading a lot. Because I didn’t see the point of adding on to that collection. I realized perhaps I could spend another decade re-reading them. And understanding the concepts.

Then I read the Bible.

I don’t know why people don’t love the Bible and yet they claim to love all these personal development books. I never used to love the Bible but when I started reading these personal development books, they made me love the Bible.

I have not read a personal development book where they do not quote the Bible. That’s how I started reading the Bible. Larry Winget’s “Shut up, stop whining, and get a life,” made me love and understand John 8:32.

And Larry Winget quotes the Bible a lot.

It was from Tony Robbins’ “Awaken the Giant Within” that I truly appreciated Proverbs 29:18. And Tony Robbins quotes the Bible a lot.

Make an observation. There is always a Bible quote in most of these books.

That’s why I read the Bible. And I will tell you that the stories you read in this book are difficult to forget… if you understand them. Truly. And it truly summarizes all the personal development books you will ever want to read.