Reflections on Christmas

I wrote a book about it.

H.K. Holland
2 min readJan 4, 2022

The pictures on the internet reveal the birth of Jesus in a superstitious way: surrounded by angels with wings, smiling lambs, and a baby close to 10 months old. Or some months old.

First, angels don’t have wings. I have never read it anywhere in the Bible. Lambs don’t smile. As for a baby born, at least I can tell when one has just been born.

Mary was about 14 or 15 and Joseph was about 17 or 18… They were TEENS. These are details I never see artists reveal in their pictures.

When December started, I was working on another book, but I thought I would reflect on “the reason for the season,” as we say.

I thought it would take a short time. My aim was to study and ponder on only the verses that talk about the birth of Jesus.

I started with Isaiah, but I found Isaiah 9:6 very difficult to explain. So I cancelled it out and moved on to the next verse. After 4 weeks, I completed the book.

For the first time, I have had a more meaningful Christmas season than I had ever had in my life. I didn’t go in the details of why it came to be in December. Or why it is called Christmas. I moved along with the way the world takes it.

I hope when you read this book, you will find a new way to look at Christmas…everyday.

You can purchase a copy here.