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2 min readSep 8, 2023

Finding hope in the dark

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A few weeks ago, I embarked on a journey to go through all the chapters of the Bible, and share my notes in form of blog posts. I randomly started with the book of Lamentations. But at the same time, I was working on a book about the Holy Spirit, and doing other things.

The book about the Holy Spirit became complicated, and I dropped it. As with the notes from the book of Lamentations, I also got bored with the process, and I paused it as well. I couldn’t share everything from the chapter in one go. I took the chapter, piece by piece. Here are the articles I shared.

- None of us are completely innocent victims.
- Shame, Exposure and Humiliation
- Unavailable comforters
- When God chooses to act like an enemy, he can inflict suffering.

As I have said, I paused. I couldn’t write the book while working on the articles. I am a monomaniac. So I had to reset. And that’s when I started on this new book, Lamentations. No, the articles are not in the book.

This is totally different. As I have said, several times, the Bible was not written in topics, but in books. And that’s how I study it. I complained about the way people read their Bibles here, and then I shared the best ways to read the Bible here.

It’s for the above reasons that I am writing my current books in the way they appear. I take a book, pick a few or several verses, break them down and make them clear. I believe this is how to best understand the Bible. I could be wrong on this, but every day that passes, I am convinced it is the best way.

And that’s what I have done with my latest book, “Lamentations: Grieving in Hope.” The book has 5 poetic chapters. I have taken a few verses, broken them down, explained them, and tried to apply them in our day-today lives.

You might not need this book now, but you might know someone who needs it. But also, the best time to repair your roof is when it is shining.

So at the moment, the kindle version is available, and in a few days, I will avail the paperback version of the book.

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