Being an Example

H.K. Holland
3 min readJun 3, 2021

“And he himself believed, and his whole household.” John 4:53.

As the tree, so is the fruit. As the parents, so are the children.

This is not a rule without exceptions, but it is generally the case. We are all members of one another, and we all influence another’s conduct.

It is not always true that good parents always have good children, but it is generally the case. It is not always that bad parents have bad children, but it is exceptional when it is otherwise.

There is a way children always pick up the virtues of their parents, even when they have never seen them. Like father, like son.

The effect of the example of parents on their children, and of teachers on their pupils.

One Sabbath day, Jesus went to Bethesda and healed a man. The man had a sickness for 38 years. He healed him, and told him to take his bed and walk. He did. The Jews were not happy about him. When they asked him why he healed the man, he replied:

“My Father has been working until now, and I have been working.” John 5:17.

Whatever the son sees the father do, likewise he does.

The argument of the Jews — -that it was a Sabbath, holds nothing. But the argument of Jesus is heavy. It’s not about the law, but what the son sees the father do!

The fable of the crab and his children.

The crab was disappointed to see his children run crookedly on the sand of the sea shore. So he said, “My sons, walk straight.”

“Yes,” they answered, “Father, lead the way, and we will follow your footsteps.”

Does it surprise you that your children turned out the way they are? If you wish for them to grow up differently, it is of no use saying to them, “My sons, walk straight.”

You must lead the way that they may follow.

Do you want to raise modest, unselfish children? Do not be giddy! Lead the way and they will follow.

Do you want your children to be God-fearing consistent Christians? Lead the way, mother, and they will follow.