A Book About Prayer

Taking prayer to another level.

H.K. Holland
2 min readJan 7, 2023


Cover image of book by yours truly.

I have intentions of writing here frequently this year, but I am still working out a system. Every writer gets that debate; to write books or articles?

Anyway, I came to terms with it some years ago, and I wrote about it here.

At any given time, I will go for books. I also recommend that book, “Kill your blog,” by Buck Flogging. It was a big inspiration for me. Thank you Matt Stone.

So, this first week of January found me working diligently on this book. And it really transformed how I officially view prayer. When I wrote the first one, in which I studied the prayers of the Old Testament people, I was blown away.

No, I didn’t write about the prayer of Jabez, nor did I write anything from the book of Psalms. There is a place for that. As for the prayer of Jabez, I failed to expound on it much as it is widely known, yet I wanted to. I can talk about it, but I cannot write about it. Not yet. Talking is sometimes different from writing. “Sometimes.”

I don’t write things I don’t understand or things which are not part of me.

Back to this book….

For the first time, I understood James 4:2–3. Did you know it is a story? And it is one person, just changing tactics.

For the first time, I understood 1 John 5:15. Especially this part, “That we have the petitions that we have asked of him.” I used the example of Samson’s prayer, before he killed more people at his death than in his life. Did you know that he prayed to do that, and God heard him? I used other examples too.

And I dived a lot into the words of Jesus. Especially Mark 11:24. When you closely observe these words, you will know that Wallace Wattles wrote an entire book based on one verse. This one. And the book? “The Science of Getting Rich.” And Charles Haanadel also wrote a masterpiece. “The Master Key System.” These people, I came to believe, wrote books to help us understand something about prayer.

I left out two chapters. One about “Praying in the Holy Spirit,” which you find in Jude 20. And the other about prayers received in heaven, in the book of Revelation, the 8th chapter. But what I wrote was enough to revolutionalize how you pray, if you read both books.

That’s it for now. If you want to have an epic journey about what the Bible teaches about prayer, this is one of those books. You can get it here.