A Book About Prayer

Taking prayer to another level.

H.K. Holland
2 min readJan 7, 2023


Cover image of book by yours truly.

I have intentions of writing here frequently this year, but I am still working out a system. Every writer gets that debate; to write books or articles?

Anyway, I came to terms with it some years ago, and I wrote about it here.

At any given time, I will go for books. I also recommend that book, “Kill your blog,” by Buck Flogging. It was a big inspiration for me. Thank you Matt Stone.

So, this first week of January found me working diligently on this book. And it really transformed how I officially view prayer. When I wrote the first one, in which I studied the prayers of the Old Testament people, I was blown away.

No, I didn’t write about the prayer of Jabez, nor did I write anything from the book of Psalms. There is a place for that. As for the prayer of Jabez, I failed to expound on it much as it is widely known, yet I wanted to. I can talk about it, but I cannot write about it. Not yet. Talking is sometimes different from writing. “Sometimes.”

I don’t write things I don’t understand or things which are not part of me.

Back to this book….

For the first time, I understood James 4:2–3. Did you know it is a story? And it is one person, just changing tactics.