3 Steps to Make Your Life Better Now

H.K. Holland
2 min readJun 11, 2021

#3 Have higher standards

1. Read more books

The people who read the most seem to be ahead of the game in most situations. You are in charge of your life. Every single situation you can think of, there is a book written on it.

You learn from the best to become the expert in your field.

“But I am busy.”

Busy doing what?

The key in reading books is to pick one specific subject. You cannot read for the sake of reading. Pick one subject and read one particular set of books on that subject. An average person reads one book a year. You know what that book is? Facebook.

So they learn nothing. Books are available online and offline. If you want to be a super expert, read a book a week. The more you read, the better you become. You begin to understand, and to grow. You sound smart. You can start with this one. It is a small book, but powerful.

2. Find good friends

Be careful of the company you keep. You tell people to watch the circle of their friends and to get better friends, but they don’t do it in the end.

If you look at your friends, and they are the same friends you have had for years, and nothing has changed, you are not growing. You are dying with them. Show me the 5 people you hang around and I will show you who you are. If they are broke, you are broke. If they are successful, you are.

You can run faster with 100 people who want to go in the same direction than with 3around your neck that keep telling you that you cannot do anything. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you say, they just can’t get it. Sometimes, you just need to move away. Stay away from some of these people.

If you are adding value to their lives, they either walk away or they update their game around you. We attract the people who are like us. There are some people who cannot be my friends because they cannot stomach me just for a day because of the way I am. And that’s okay.

3. Have higher standards

Up your game. Have some standards. People don’t challenge themselves enough to grow. Because they have not increased and approved higher standards for themselves.

That’s why the person who they want to be and who they are, are completely two different people. Anything you cannot really see, you cannot really work on. Be clear. This circles back to reading more, and connecting with similar people.

That’s it.